Monday, November 15, 2010

Pipit Wonderful Market 5 & Trace's Handicraft

Trace's Handicraft new logo and the patchwork wall picture (the biggest patchwork picture i do).It is a picture showing Sue and Billy walking towards the church,they are getting married!:)
这是我第二次参与Pipit Wonderful Market.这次选着以简单又有乡村感觉的白色与粉红色的摆设。其中一个箱子在搭巴士时被漏进放行李部分的雨水弄湿了。幸好有个别放作品所以全部作品都没湿。但是摆放方式和在家彩排的少了一些:(但摆完后还是很满意:)
This is the second time i take part in Pipit Wonderful Market. This time i choose white and pink colour match to give a sense of simple village feel. The display is a bit different with the display i try to set up at home because one of my box got wet during the journey i travel to kl. Luckily,it didn't affect much. i m satisfied with the display:)

这是送给Mike 和Ivery的小小礼物。也是用先染布做的,用了Swarovski水晶做喙的部分,希望他们会喜欢。
This is the little gift that i present to Mike and Ivery.This is also made from Yarn dye,i use Swarovski crystal to make the beak part!i hope they will like it.:)
这次的市集我很开心,谢谢大家来支持"特蕾思的手作礼"谢谢买我的作品的大家!要感谢Mike 和Ivery 不是他们就不会有那么棒的市集,谢谢Doreen 帮我设计了那么美的名片!(Doreen,很多人很喜欢哦!:P)也要谢谢我的私人"导游"Tammy!谢谢你带我们去走走!当然还要谢谢你帮我从这么远搬这么重的木板,谢谢你一路的支持,我会继续前进!也要谢谢妹妹和友人帮忙拿东西!:)谢谢大家!我会再接再厉,感恩!:D
I am verry happy in this market,thanks for the support and thanks for buying my handmade gifts!First of all,i would like to thank Mike and Ivery,thanks for the wonderful market !Thanks Doreen for your great design!(Doreen, a lot of people like your design!:P)Thanks Tammy who willing to be my personal "tour guide",thank you for driving us to some interesting places!And thank you for your support and encouragement!:)and help me to take such a heavy plank travel so far to kl,i will keep going on!thanks to my little sis and friend helped me to carry things!THANKS all of you!I will move on,thannks!!:)

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