Sunday, October 24, 2010

紫玫瑰 The purple rose

Same collection as Strawberries love,it less the straight card insertion part.:)
Name:The purple rose
Materials:imported yarn dye,linen and lace
Size:19.5cm* 10.5cm

Thursday, October 21, 2010

特蕾思手作礼-草莓之恋 Trace's Handicraft-Strawberries Love

耗时很长的一份手作礼。。。it takes me long time to complete it
I like the fabric and lace combination:)

can insert more than fourteen cards...:)
internal layers made by imported yarn dye.

two layers to put more money:P

It is a thick long wallet:)
有一段时间没有update了,我并没有偷懒哦!:P都有一直为pipit market做准备。同时,工作量也很大。这段时间作了一些作品,将会陆陆续续地为大家送上我为大家准备的手作礼!:)
It has been a long time i did not update,i m not lazy:P i am preparing for pipit market. At the same time,my working hours are extanded. i have made some handmade gifts,will update one by one slowly,i hope that you will like the handmade gifts that i will present to you!:)
2010年10月20日(20/10/2010:P)我为Trace's Handicraft 多命名了一个华语名“特蕾思的手作礼”。因为我将会为大家带来一系列的手作礼也包括了生日,结婚等的礼物,敬请期待,感恩:)
On 20/10/2010( a special date!:P), Trace's Handicraft have been given a new chinese name“特蕾思的手作礼”. This is because i will present a series of handmade gifts to you soon which included birthday gifts,wedding gifts and so on.I hope you will like the handmade gifts which i am going to present to you,thanks...:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

特蕾思的手作礼 Trace's Handicraft-coming soon...

特蕾思的手作礼 Trace's Handicraft-coming soon...