Saturday, July 6, 2013

手腕包 Wristlet


These wristlets are handmades that I had completed a year ago. I delayed to post them because I was busy last year as an old student. lol
They have their own masters  :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clutches-Sold out

These clutches had been sold out for some times,but I never post the pictures until today only I notice it:(
Hope you enjoy to see them:)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Roses & Country Style

                                                   Roses and Vases

Roses and Country Style(pink)

                                     Roses and Country Style(green)

Suitable for Sumsung SIII, fit well for Sumsung Note
if you are intersted to purchase,please feel free to email or leave me a msg in facebook,thanks:)

Rose & Vintage (Tissue Covers)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Hmm Handmade Market

Very grateful to all who come and support us!:)
we have a great time!:)
people are coming in none stop! It is out of our expectation!:)
We hope we have the opportunity to join the event again!:)

In conjuction with the event,I produce batik products using local Penang Batik.
I made a drawstring bag,smart phones sleeves,key holders,and multi purpose ribbons(i gave them this name personally as it can be a hair clip,hair band and decorative pins)

 Moreover, I also lauched my Wedding Door Gift Box on that day!:) Ihave this idea long time ago, but I m run out of time to do this:(
Fortunately,i m able to complete it :)

They are not that popular in Malaysia as not many practise the culture to give out door gift:)However,it is a norm in oversea such as China,Taiwan and so on...
In Chinese we call it as 喜糖盒

Many people especially the bride and bridegroom to be,they are interested in these.:)And I would like to thank a foreign lady(I m sorry that i didn't ask who should i address her on that day:(  a Very sorry if u are reading my post here)

Thanks a lot to your praise!:)
I will write more about this soon regarding how to order:) If you or any friends are interested,do contact me!:)

There are some people know about these boxes' "function" for but many not:(
No worries, i prepare u a brief explanation on that day and i also display a simple"sample"for the table setting with the box on the plate.
can u see it?
as i was too busy on that day,i didn't realise that i have not taking the picture of the full setting:(
Never mind,i will show you again in the future post:)

Here a brief explanation:
you can put in chocolates,sweets,personalise gift such as key chain,magnets with the picture of the bride and bridegroom in each box...


you can even make some special handmade gift or giving a small bottle of jam, honey to your guests...i guest they will be very impressed...:)

After taking out the special gift,you can even keep it as a box to put your jewelleries and so it is made from hard material:)

Last but NOT LEAST

Thanks a lot to Agnes Sim From Dream Land Station to join MoMo this time!:)
If not I will be the only crafter to join MoMo :(

your designs are awesome!:)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Hmm handmade market

Meet my new line of crafts........Penang Batik
See you tomorrow!:)