Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today, i would like to say sorry for my impolite to all friends who had left me a comment before. Sorry to all of u! I hope u all can accept my humble apologize.

Before that, i don't know how to add a recent comment gaget so i do not know there are some comments. Some that i noticed i do give a reply however so sad that i had not notice some.....:(

Today, i finally know how to add in. So i think i need to apologise to all friends who had left me a comment and a message in C box ....T.T


New Era College Carnival

I think this is the first time i use english to publish my post. Today is a special day as my many craft artists will gather their craft works together and raise fund for the college, it is a significant
day! Although not all the craft artists join together however we join our spirit together to raise fund for the education! Another special for me is that my computer has some prombles that cause me unable to taip in chinese, haha....

so, please come to the college and join the event, you may grab many unique craft works!
These are the craft artist that will join the event today and of caurse myself:)
JB的littlekohcheras的agnes加影的女女KL的樱桃冰子JB的joaanJB的tako aka evangelioneKL的JoanJB的Miss IreenKL的mer?Ulu tiram的pussycat槟城的yenshinKL的吉袜娃南方学院的cherrietrace甲洞的ai-yo-yo巴生的蓝天wellyKL的ciyou加影的yen怡保的laimun

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



这条手链是妹妹配色,她很喜欢所以她要了!#.# “紫梦幻”

这是我最喜欢的:) “蓝克罗”^^





我个人觉得这手链给人一种很成熟又有气质的感觉:) “绿古典”