Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MoMo Handmade Zakka Privilege Card 多多杂货贵宾卡

MoMo Handmade Zakka Privilege Card 多多杂货贵宾卡
从8月1日起,凡在MoMo Handmade Zakka 购物达 RM88(不限定购买次数,一个月内累积消费RM88)的顾客就可以获得一年的贵宾卡!千万别错过机会!:D此项促销将于8月31日结束。:)

Start from 1st of August, total purchase amount up to RM88 will entitle you to get MoMo Handmade Zakka Privilege Card !:D This benefit will end on 31st of August,so hurry up!:)


消费满RM500将获得 RM50现金回扣。


2)贵宾卡持有人将可随时以10%折扣购买MoMo Handmade Zakka的D.I.Y材料。

3)贵宾卡持有人在生日当天,生日前三天或生日后三天可以以20%折扣购买MoMo Handmade Zakka的D.I.Y材料和 以5%购买任何一位寄卖手作家的作品。


4)MoMo Handmade Zakka保留权利修改以上优惠及条规,恕不另行通知。

Benefits of MoMo Handmade Zakka Privilege Card
1)Privilege member can collect points for each of your purchase.Points collected will enable you to get cash rebate. You can buy any products at MoMo Handmade Zakka for free.If the products you wish to buy are more then cash rebate amount,you will just need to pay for the balance.

Purchase up to RM500, you will get Rm50 rebate.
Purchase up to RM600, you will get Rm60 rebate.
and same apply to others amount.

So you will get MORE rebate,if you buy MORE!:)

2)This card entitles member to a 10% discount on diy materials at MoMo Handmade Zakka at anytime.

3)Members can get 20% discount on D.I.Y materials and 5% discount on any consignment goods by handmade artists on the day of your birthday or 3 days before and after your birthday!

4)Members can buy monthly discount products at special offer price only for member.

Term and conditions:
1)This card is not transferable.
2)This card is not valid for consignment goods(except purchase up to RM500 and above),nett-priced items, vouchers, items already discounted.
3)This card must be presented in order to enjoy discount privileges.
4)Discount privileges and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice.

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