Thursday, January 6, 2011

日本杂货 Zakka


I like making craft but I also like to collect special unique bowl,cup,glass and so on...I have collected them for a long time.Today,I would like to share with you one of my favourite bowl! I named it as "Fatty Bowl"^^
I was attracted by its colour combination and its unique shape!It is imported from Japan.It is not like a normal bowl has fine shape.It has a natural handmade shape! Such a beautiful bowl!And even the colour,you can see that it is naturally painted! :D

If you put it under a yellow light,its white colour part seem like made from some twinkling material, it will twinkling!:)

In my own personal point of view, I think we can put any thing into a bowl instead of rice or soup.It is wonderful to use it to put in our favourite tea too!
I used to pour in my favourite fruit tea into my "Fatty Bowl"!^^The nice smell of the fruit tea and the beautiful bowl make my day!:D

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